Generation Loss

by Dusk



In early 2002 Damon and I had an idea;
Record two solo albums with sparse collaborations, and package it as a double album.
"Commodore 65" and "Generation Loss".
At the same time, "Wired", the annual EDM festival in Athens began its first year, and I was the outdoor opening act.
My set was made from scratch, so I was effectively making two albums over six months.

"Commodore 65", Damon's solo album, met an untimely end with hard drive failure.
The few backups were scattered, and it took fifteen years to restore it.

"Generation Loss" came together very fast.
Early on, I put out an ad in the Flagpole for a female vocalist.
After meeting a few people who were just bad fits, I received an email from Amber.
She got what we were doing in an instant.
Between January and March I'd written the bones of most of the songs,
so by the time Amber joined either she or I had an idea for vocals and lyrics.

It did pretty well locally. It was in heavy rotation at WUOG,
we played it for guitar duo and vocal trio on, "Live at the Lobby".

For me, it's an album of rote, mirrored experiences.
For example, hearing the birds of Athens, every week at 3 am,
merging with those in a song while it's being written.
Or weekly hard shifts from nights in a packed EDM scene
to isolation in a north Atlanta office.
It becomes a butterfly parable.

-Eric Hoffman


released March 15, 2019

Amber Emard - Vocals
Damon Edwards - Keyboards
Eric Hoffman - Bass, vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion
Raymond Grimes - Keyboards, percussion

Recorded and mastered by Dusk, Buford, GA, January 3 - August 27, 2002.



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Another Strained Encounter
Save it for the next strained encounter.
That charging back from what you tried to gain.
Was it worth the risk?
Shut down, feel the thrill slipping away.
And ask yourself how it ever happened.
Collapse an empty shell.

And I know that it seems crazy,
to think that you could look in the mirror
and see a smile, buried in those lines of regret.
Call your friends to understand it.
They're not home, but the phone's ringing
when you've figured it out.
Try again tomorrow.
Track Name: Channel to Channel
From channel to channel
new warnings to save the American Dream.
From answer to answer
another voice to tell you what is wrong.
From office to office
another form to fill out and slow you down.
From decade to decade
the distance crossed is shorter than before.

Casting blame for every event.
Hiding behind buffers, making new excuses.
Masking beliefs with new names.
As the sick roam free the free grow sick.
Track Name: The Missing Piece
How long have you sat there
staring at an empty page?
Trying to solve some conflict long gone anyway.
For all the love in the world
and reassuring hands that surround you
could never ease the absence of a sincere smile.

How long were you searching
for someone to save you when
your weakest moment came crashing down in seconds?
Could you find them through the weightless words
and shallow veils of intention?
Or is it only a fantasy you create?
Track Name: Seasonal Revolve
Poor in the times they had to rewind.
Left there freezing.
Cold grains of sand that once were giants
float past in breezes.
Spring was here, another cycle of changes in meaning.
Track Name: Blood Trails
I know I'll never have you.
So just let me see inside you.
I want all that's in you.
Take your time.

Love fails. Blood trails.
Track Name: The Obvious Response
You know the rules, they never change.
Not even for the best of reasons.
Look for the obvious response,
the glimmer in your eye, bright enough
to hide the cancer in the mirror.
Ignore the signs of weakening,
and paint a fresh coat on decaying flesh.
Using fists when words escape you.

A ruler of the playground, master of his home.
A long empty stare. A last desperate struggle.
Now only a memory.
Track Name: Yesterday's Gone
Caught in the background on solemn plains.
Searching for shelter from the light.
Cover your ears to the shrieking laugh.
Shadows and filters take everything.
See me as I am or yesterday's gone.
Track Name: Plastic
Daylight bleeds in the plastic breeze.
In a sunlight shattered by its faded look.
Concrete overrun by trees.
Roman conquest sunk by earth.

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