Electro Brand

by Dusk



This album started with Raymond sending me pictures of his old radio.
He thought they were appropriate and, they were.
It was a weird year. Damon moved, and most of the people I knew in Atlanta were new friends. There was an icy stillness in the air on both ends of the year.
Piercing, totally silent. And it seemed particularly dark in the cold months.

A lot of music seemed to be in its prime. The scene I suppose I'm from, that saw Madlib, Morricone, and Genesis in equal measure, as all variations of trying to do this hard to define thing that's bigger and older than any of us.
They're leagues above me of course, but I get it.

I was intimidated by Generation Loss and the first Wired album at the time.
They came together so fast, and other than a few sticky parts seemed effortless.
So instead of trying to "recapture the magic", we tried to make something that had the cold, somber, dissociated feel of the time.
Ironically, I like this one more now.

-Eric Hoffman


released May 17, 2019

Amber Emard - Vocals
Raymond Grimes - Keyboards, Programming
Damon Edwards - Keyboards
Eric Hoffman - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Programming
Sean Hoffman - Guitar, Vocals

Recorded and engineered by Dusk, Buford, Georgia, 2003.



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Laughing
They give you the reasons and where to place the blame
by telling you that people are the same.
And when you're going down, go down laughing.
You realize their minds are led astray
by the blinking lights of a fading passion play.
And when you're going down, go down laughing.
Track Name: Sea of Change
Tell them where you came from, tell them what you should've been.
A glowing reminder of the loss of giving away the dying world you valued.
Trading in your history for a chance to find relief
in the blind faith you could make a change and hope it lasts.
Maybe by tomorrow.
In their eyes, kaleidoscopes, in their words a sea of change.
But there's not a lot to say when your face is always numb.
Nothing sounds right anyway.
Track Name: Raye
How long has it been since you last saw a look of warmth trying to share what you feared?
Don't they see? It's a part of life that's gone. Hopes traded in as you coldly accept,
once in a while they would make themselves known. Just a reminder that you're out of place.
Track Name: Your Ideal
It's what you wanted. It's your ideal. You'd never know it, but it's there.
Label all you can't understand. Make it seem weak.
All you had, unseen until it's gone. Throwaway, until it comes again.
Then you'll find you're the ruin of your treasure. The circle turns again.
Track Name: History Repeats
There was a time when I lived defensive. I'd never grow old, no one could be me.
Suburbs and style, I would spit in their faces. Venom from valium,
a crossbow from their crutch.
So quickly they turned through the pages of their youth.
I gave a cruel grin, laughing silent in their desperation.

As the years passed, and I found myself alone, suddenly it was all clear.
The race was won to find themselves a home. It was time to start myself.
Track Name: Cell Door
If there was a reason to make the world live your ideal, would you feel justified in stifling another life? Would it bring you peace to be the one to close the cell door?
What if you were wrong? Would you stand by the lie? What if you were next?
Would you shout in protest or do what they say is best?
Track Name: Loop Circumstance
There you are again, left in the same situation you had to face so many times before,
but never like this.
You remember the day she spoke to you for the very first time. How it seemed so clear
that you'd always known her.
Track Name: Tomorrow's Ghost
I knew this time would come, when I would have to say goodbye.
You went your own way, I stayed here.
All I have is now, and you've become tomorrow's ghost.
Every word rings heavy in my ears.

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